December 1, 2011
Department of banking and financial technology is established on the Direction of financial, banking and insurance, Department of Economics and Business Administration, Faculty of Business engineering. Bank Technologies Study-Scientific Laboratory is subordinated the Department of banking and financial technology. Full Professor Anton Ingorokva appointed Head of Department.

November 5, 2011
The integration of cloud services Google Apps and learning management system Moodle has been successful completed at Bank Technologies Study-Scientific Laboratory. As result of finished works the students have become able to use the benefits of both services simultaneously; in particular, access to the resources of both systems has got easier. The consolidation of users’ accounts has given the opportunity to use the common user authentication records for students and teachers.

December 17, 2010
Bank Technologies Study-Scientific Laboratory has become a member of VMware Global Education and Research Programs. This membership gives an opportunity for staff of faculty and students to use a set of software products, developed by VMware, Inc, such as VMware eLearning, VMware Player 3, VMware Workstation 6.5 and 7, VMware ESX vSphere 4 Advanced, VMware vCenter Lab Manager 4.0, VMware vCenter Server Standard, VMware vSphere ESXi Server. VMware Inc. is the global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure, delivers customer-proven solutions that accelerate IT by reducing complexity and enabling more flexible, agile service delivery.
November 18, 2010
Ministry of Finance of Georgia has transferred to Bank Technologies Study-Scientific Laboratory of Georgian Polytechnic University two powerful server (DELL 6800 and HP ML 570). This equipment would be used in order to make the students of the University familiar with modern banking systems and technologies 

March 24, 2010

Bank Technologies Study-Scientific Laboratory, with the support of VTB Bank (Georgia) receive the right to become a member of the Microsoft Academic Alliance. Membership in the Microsoft Academic Alliance allows to use more than 300 different licensed Microsoft products for training purposes, including advanced software development tools, operating systems, different server systems. Under the agreement, licensed software can be used both for the laboratory, as well as for students and teachers on home computers.

March 19, 2010

Bank Technologies Study-Scientific Laboratory subscribed to a package of services offered by Google Corporation for higher education. As a part of the received "Google Apps Education Edition" package, students, faculty and staff received the opportunity to communicate, work together and share information, manage their time, create and store documents, spreadsheets, and presentations from their personal computers and mobile phones. For each user will be provided the e-mail address in domain, which may save more than 7 gigabytes of data. The e-mail addresses will remain for the students not only during study at the Georgian Technical University, but after their graduate. Georgian Technical University - the first higher institution in the Caucasus region, that has opportunity to use a package of services "Google Apps Education Edition".

March 11, 2010
The cooperation agreement about study of the system of document and business processes management DocsVision is signed between software developer company DocsVision and Georgian Technical University. Under this agreement on a grant basis the current version of DocsVision with complete documentation and license "DocsVision 4.3 Extended Edition 25 users" are received by Georgian Technical University for teaching and demonstration purposes. Study of system DocsVision starts in the new school year.

March 1, 2010

At the GTU Humanities-Social Faculty was established the bank technologies study-scientific laboratory.
With the support of VTB Bank (Georgia) laboratory is equipped with modern computer technics. The company "Alta Software" has provided the Automatic Banking System with appropriate licenses to the laboratory free of charge. The complete model of a modern banking Institution and automated control system of the banking IT infrastructure are built in the laboratory, that enables the students to practice making various banking operations in real-world banking systems. It should be noted, that this laboratory is unique to Georgia.